Welcome, players, to a world where even a simple sheet of paper has untold power!

You will enter this world as a Paper-Hacker, member of a family that specializes in using Paper Magic. What is Paper Magic? Well, as long as you have a sheet of magic paper, you can do almost anything with it!

You play as yourself in this magical game, waiting to get your Paper Guardian – the magical partner that helps you use your powers – and find out what kind of spirit it will be. As the story opens, you'll be "chosen" by one of three Paper Guardians – the Fire Crane Bravery, the Water Turtle Endurance, and the Earth Stag Confidence!

Your family protects a little village that has fallen on hard times, dealing with shadowy monsters that make life difficult for everyone. Then you come into the picture! How will you help your home village? Will you focus on meeting basic needs? Dream big and search for treasure? Or maybe even try and get rid of those monsters that cause everyone so much trouble? The choice is yours, but be careful what you choose - depending on your Paper Guardian, some choices may be wiser than others!

Each Paper Guardian has its own personality and its powers, and each represents a different strength of heart. As you trek through the forests, mountain ranges, and ocean shores of your home island, it'll be up to you to unfold the mystery of your Paper Guardian, and learn what it truly means to be brave, to be confident, or to endure.

Beware, young Paper-Hacker, for the path before you is filled with danger, and those who cannot solve the mystery of their Guardians may not last for long! Pay attention to their needs and powers. Avoid forcing them to be something they're not – a courageous crane like Bravery would not like to run from fights!

But still, be smart! Your Guardians don't always know what's best. Bravery could be reckless sometimes. Confidence may overestimate your capabilities. A watery creature like Endurance may not be so great in a forest! Pay attention to what your Guardians say and do, and try to understand them.

Some are better at finding food, some at getting treasure, and others at fighting off monsters. Which one will yours be best at? Should you play it safe, or take bigger risks? Choose your path wisely, and good luck on your journey, friends! Explore your new world freely, and most of all, have fun with it!

Fold away, Paper-Hackers!

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